Hello and welcome to the Fashion & Costuming section of Sasha-V.com! This is the place that features all of my seamstress and design work. In addition to costume/garment information, photos, and videos, you can also find some tutorials and random bits that might be helpful. This section is also the one that gets updated the most. :)

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updated March 5, 2011

New things are here! First up is a new Asuka costume from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion! This time it's the [Yellow Sundress Version]! I made this costume for the filming of "Cosplay: The Documentary" which you can find out more about at their website.

Another goodie is that there are brand new photos of my [Thage] costume from the Eternal Poison video game series all thanks to Walker1812 Photography. Thanks to him, we got some amazing photos to enter in Atlus' Halloweenie Costume Contest and won Atlus Staff Favorite! Thank you Atlus! ♥

In addition to my own personal costumes, we recently just wrapped filming for "La Fleur de Mort" with Ophelia Hellfire Productions. "La Fleur de Mort" is an experimental, black and white, silent film which takes place in 1660s France. I was brought on as the Costume Designer and Set Dresser and it was so much fun! There were some very fancy and not so fancy historically-based costumes which I can more give details about once the film completes post-production. That's all the news for now! See you at MegaCon!

♥ Sasha

Thanks Hulu.com!
updated January 12, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Great news! You can now see my Costume Design and Styling work in the short film "2:22" online and for free thanks to Hulu.com! Be sure to check out the ["2:22"] section to see the videos, get costuming info, and behind the scenes photos!

♥ Sasha

Updates! Updates! Updates!
updated November 30, 2010

Lots of new goodies are here! If you've been curious about what I have been up to for the past few months-- I have added a ton of new content including photos and information in the [my works] section. You can also find information, photos, and a trailor for a brand new feature film, which I've had the awesome pleasure to work on, called Doomsday County. Be on the lookout for a film festival near you!

Also new to the site are 2 comic book costumes of Susan and Aileen Ritter from The Dark Tower comics and a costume of Thage from the video game Eternal Poison! All 3 can be found in [my recreations]. A super big THANK YOU! goes out to Atlus! I entered this year's Atlus-O-Weenie costume contest and won Atlus Staff Favorite! Thank you so much! ♥

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

♥ Sasha

Music Video Added
updated February 10, 2010

Just added is a horror punk music video for Cryptidz's "2:22 (It's Time to Die)", which is based off of the short film "2:22".

Be on the look out! I make a brief and ~deadly~ appearance!

You can watch the video in the ["2:22" short film] section.

New Costume & Video
updated January 27, 2010

HOLA! Just a quicky update but a new video has been added! You can now watch "Crank the Reds : The Making of 2:22" online! It's a very awesome video that talks about how our short film "2:22" was made, its challenges, and all of the crazy things that happened! Check out the updated ["2:22" short film] page and watch it there.

A new costume section for Thage from the video game Eternal Poison has been posted [here] with a few teaser photos from last year's Animazement. I also plan on wearing this costume to this year's MegaCon so be on the look out!

SO many new and wonderful things are already being planned and in the works for this year so stay tuned! :3

♥ Sasha

Fairies & Halloween!
updated November 5, 2009

Update time! YAY! I hope everyone had a really happy Halloween! I celebrated by carving a pumpkin for the second time in my life...with a Lady Gaga / Hello Kitty design! Haha! It's not fancy or anything but it was fun!

There's also a new costumed photoshoot up! A [Willow Tree Fairy] created by [JoEllen Elam]! I really wasn't sure what section to of my site to add this to so maybe you'll be able to see it in both?

New [Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I] photos from Dragon*Con 2009 have also been added, thanks to EBK for taking them!

Sorry for the sporadic updates, it seems that October is always the busiest time of year! Halloween Horror Nights came out wonderfully! And I can now say I have seen both of them, in Orlando and Hollywood, and in the same month! w00t!

In independant film news; there is a short film which I've had the pleasure of working on called "2:22" which is currently making its way on the film festival circuits. Please check it out, [www.222short.com] for more info on where you can see it. A big thanks to Abyssmal Entertainment for bringing me on as their film's Costume Designer and Stylist! And just for fun and giggles, you can see me make a small and brief cameo as a dancer in the club scene. (Go see it!)

♥ Sasha

Fashion Show Photos & Commercial Are Up!
updated August 29, 2009

Yes, finally! The photos from the fashion show are up! I have finally finished going through over 3,000 photos of the event and have posted 5 of each of my girls, adding up to 40 photos! Posted is also a commercial for the show that the school released. Thanks so much to the lovely ladies that wore them! You can check out the pics by [clicking here]!

In other news, Dragon*Con is only a few days away! Oh boy! Already??? See ya there!

♥ Sasha

P.S. I graduated! Time to put on your party caps because I finally have my BFA in Fashion Design & Merchandising! In celebration, I went to San Diego Comic Con! It was amazing! I'll try to put up those pics next. :)

updated June 17, 2009

Very sorry for my lack of updates but if you haven't been keeping up with my [blog] then great news; this month I am graduating college! YAY!

I have also added a page for the [Carnaval du Couture Fashion Show] in which I made my runway debut and was a featured designer! :)

This year is also the first time I have traveled to attend Animazement! It was awesome and I took lots of pics, if you're interested in seeing photos from the convention you can see them [here on Flickr]. This upcoming Friday and Saturday I'll also be at MetroCon, so see ya there!

♥ Sasha


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