1) Start by taking your favorite boot that you want to cover and stuff it to fill out the shape. Random fabric pieces, filling, or even random clothing laying around can all be used.

2) Cut out 2 rectangular pieces of your spandex fabric and start pinning! The more you pin the better and accurate the fit should be.

Tip: When pinning the fabric, do NOT pin so tighly that the fabric stretches. Your fabric should be loose and in its natural state because you will need all of that stretch later when putting it on.

3) Once pinned, use a water soluable marking pen to draw an outline to mark where the pins are.


4) After marking, go ahead and cut about 1/2" away from the line. This is your seam allowance so you can cut it closer or further away from the line depending on what you are used to.

5) Go ahead and unpin the fabric, you can now use both pieces as a pattern to make a cover for the other boot.

6) Once your (4) pieces are cut out you are ready to sew! If you're using a sewing machine be sure to use the zig-zag stitch so that your fabric can stretch when putting the covers over the boots. If you're serging your pieces then it's best to use thread that is the color of your boot so that way the seam allowance can blend in and looks less noticeable. For example, my boots were originally black, so I used black thread to serge the yellow pieces together.

7) Remember to clip your corners!


8) Next, turn your face fabric out, pull it over the shoe (carefully) and you're done! From here, you can sew the top of the cover to a costume, tuck the extra top fabric into your boot (have at least 1.5" - 2" as a seam allowance) or sew anything else on to it that the costume might call for.

Tip: When you're finished, you can either cut out a hole at the bottom of the boot covers for a grip or add a shoe grip to the boot cover itself.

Click here to see more images of the finished covers, which were used for my Magik/Illyana costume from the X-Men series.


If you have any questions on this tutorial or something that I forgot to cover, go ahead and email me and I'll be happy to help out!

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